Do we have other category reference methods?

You see, topics are organized by categories, and when people what to know some sth from some spesific “area”, I would like to give them a reference link.

When I want to ref a topic, it’s very easy to give out the url of that topic and the url will not be changed no matter whether the topic is changed to the other category or not. Like sometimes one topic will change place from “Support” to “FAQ” category.

But, sometimes, the subcategory place will also be changed, only at that time, the category url will be changed, like form


Like when you ref the support category, you have
And when you want to ref the subcategory wordpress, you have

But if someday the administer change the wordpress from being the subcategory to a main category, the ref will be

Or if the administer change the wordpress to be subcateogry of community, the ref will be

Although that category name itself is not changed, but the reference link is changed, and the raw link will only lead to some “Oops, seems the webpage does not exist” message.

Should we just give the subcategory an unique url? Or do we have to ref the link of “About this category” topic?

I believe when you rename a category a permalink is created to redirect to the new one. But I could be wrong.

Yes, that’s correct. This is already handled, nothing to do here. Test it yourself if you don’t believe us @xiasummer


Now, How can I find out what category if it’s name is

While the 21-category is not a subcategory of 10-category now, I don’t exactly know where it is.