Do we need a "Mark all as read" function?

(hamburglar) #43

Ok, then how about a “track all topics” option, as opposed to just all topics I’ve entered?

(Jeff Atwood) #44

You haven’t been on this forum for almost a year. I am curious if you really want every single topic in that year to be listed as new when you do come back. :grimacing:

Of course thanks to the hard work of @zogstrip you should trigger the /top page as your homepage when you do come back since you’ve been gone so long that we want to just show you the “greatest hits” in the last year, not everything.

That said, you will now find a “Dismiss Unread” button at the bottom of the unread tab – this sets all the unread topics from “watching” or “tracking” state back to “regular” state.

And there will be is a similar “Dismiss New” button at the bottom of the new tab which resets your “when we last saw you” date manually, and implicitly sets your user preference for new posts to “consider topics new until I manually click/tap this button telling you they are no longer new”.


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