Do We Need: The Stats Post, Views, Actively Stats on Homepage?

(Charles Wilmott) #1

I know these stats are needed for admin user
but for the normal community member

Do they really need to know : The Stats for Numbers for Posts, Views, Actively on the Homepage?

(jark) #2

I think only one “Replies” is enough.

And the Users Avatar is too noisy to me , three or two avatars is the most tome.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Just suppress what you don’t like via CSS.

  • Views tells you how many users are actually entering your topic. Does anyone care about your topic? If this value is low, the answer is “nobody”.
  • Activity tells you how old the topic is (the date of last post)

I doubt many people would dispute the value of Posts, which is “how long is this topic? How much will I have to read if I enter it?”

(Khoa Nguyen) #4

You can custom yourself

(Charles Wilmott) #5

I’m finding I’m focusing on the numbers 1st instead of title of the post.

i.e when I see a post with “10.4K views” I highlighted in orange.

I feel like clicking on it because of the numbers
not because of the title of the post

Does anyone else experience this too?

(Khoa Nguyen) #6

Yes. I’ll read the 10.4k views post without read its title. (except the pinned topic)

(Charles Wilmott) #7

Do you think it’s a good thing or bad thing then @thangngoc89 ?

Because it makes me engage with the site
but I’m also ignoring topics I might find interesting by focusing on the numbers 1st
instead of the subject

What I would rather see instead is highlights of the discussion i.e

"Sam liked … "
"Charles said… "
“Jo added Mark & Dan to this topic”
“Jo shared a video”
“Sam shared a photo”
“Sam shared a thread”
“John now joinned in the talk”
“John mentioned Paul”

That already sounds more interesting than 10.4K views

(Khoa Nguyen) #8

No. IMO It’s a social network. Not a forum

(Charles Wilmott) #9

Here the eye heat map results

See what visitors will see in the first 3 seconds.
Does your offer’s main benefit pop out right away? This is your chance to make the first impression count.

See in detail which elements of your design capture and command most attention.
Red areas grab the most attention — these should be covering your brand and main selling points.

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Large circles indicate great visibility, smaller ones will still be easy to find. Are your key messages covered?

How clean, simple and clear is your design?
Apple, Google, Dropbox - the most successful companies are known for their clean, simple and clear design. The Visual Clarity Score instantly measures yours. The algorithm’s AI is based on responses from thousands of users. Green areas on the map contribute to a sense of clarity, simplicity and organization. Red areas are visually busy and can contribute to cognitive load. If they don’t provide relevant information, they’re just clutter.

See exactly how visible a marked-up area is compared to your site’s average.
Make sure your most important elements get over 50%!


you find this interesting @codinghorror @eviltrout

(Sam Saffron) #10

Can you run this on my simplified design? Sam's personal "minimal" topic list design


I don’t tend to look at a post’s metrics. The title is the thing I focus on. Recency is implied by the order shown and the feel developed over time on how active the forum is. If I feel the forum is dead or I’m on a first visit, I’ll look to check for the metrics if there’s not many topics present. Maybe if someone is a regular visitor, some of the metrics could drop-off (and welcome pins/stickies) to make it easier on the frequent user. Why do they need to see a welcome pin every time they visit?

(Jeff Atwood) #12

Thanks for running that @CharlesWil very cool.

This image in particular, “first impressions”, looks very solid to me

It seems to answer the key questions:

  1. What is this? (looking at the site logo + category drop down)

  2. What is being discussed here? (looking at the topic names)

  3. Who is discussing it? (looking at the discussion avatars)

So that works for me 100%. That was the goal.

(Jacob Chapel) #13

I ran it on my variation, here are the results:

Compare against here

I also ran it as a new user vs an engaged user since I think for most people it matters more if someone will sign up and engage.

(Jeff Atwood) #14

One thing I do not care for in the two rows per topic design, the left side gets awfully busy.

(Dave McClure) #15

I’ve been using it for a few weeks, and that was my initial objection too. It’s bothered me less as time goes on, but… I still think the OP data could just be eliminated - would love to try that out for a while here.

With just the category indicator there I’m guessing it’d feel a lot less busy over there.

(Jacob Chapel) #16

For my forum, having op info is a must. For larger forums the info isn’t as useful.

(Jeff Atwood) #17

I think OP would be better next to the other avatar, e.g. Have two avatars in that column, remove OP name as text from first column.