Do you recommend that I host my Discourse and Wordpress site separately?

(Liam Austin) #1

I want to understand the best way to host my WP and Discourse site. We need a cpanel to manage it.

Say I want to host:

Discourse with
Wordpress with

  1. Is this possible?
  2. Will single sign-in work if I do this? Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso)
  3. Is this the best choice of combination?
  4. Do you recommend they are hosted with the same host?
  5. What would you do?

(Scott Trager) #2

What kinda host are we talking here?

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Yep, that should work fine! SSO does not require the sites to be on the same physical servers. However the domain names ( and should be the same in DNS.