Docker install script doesn't support my OS

(Janit Anjaria) #1

Hey! I am new to Discourse , and was following the installation steps - I figured out that during th launching of bootstrap it gives me a docker version conflict. Can someone help because during docker installation , i am getting the following error :

Either your platform is not easily detectable, is not supported by this installer script (yet - PRs welcome!), or does not yet have a package for Docker. Please visit the following URL for more detailed installation instructions:

Secondly , can someone also tell me where will i find the code , if i want to tweak in something ?

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(Jeff Atwood) #2

That is not a version conflict, that is “docker may not support your OS”.

What OS, version, etc? Note that 64-bit Linux of recent kernel vintage is generally required.

The code is at the expected place:

(Janit Anjaria) #3

I think i installed a VM for the docker , and the thing might start working - can you also let me know where will i be finding the code to hack into? So by the time the installation thing is figured out , i can read some code…Can you tell me the repo to clone?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Docker is for production Discourse installs. It is not for development.

If you want to write code as a software developer, see the documentation.

(Janit Anjaria) #5

No issues , i will try to hack on the code :slight_smile:

(Janit Anjaria) #6

What is the file name in view which would have the code where we can
checkout what has to be posted and the wall is shown to the users. I need
to hack into that code so as to make some changes for myself.