Docker upgrade links point only to the repo, not the displayed commit

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #1

In docker manager the links show the commit numbers; awesome!

but the link just go to the repo. disappointing!

Could they point to the commit please?

PS Bonus feature request… if we could get linked to the compare URL, that’d be spiffy

Comparing 9c285f0...c599991 · discourse/docker_manager · GitHub

PPS (Bonus rant, ever since this commit I have to remember to command click if I want to read what’s up and not lose my spot… I guess I wasn’t watching when we had that vote :frowning:

Where's the admin/upgrade link when there's a new version?
(Kane York) #2

Why not just go to githuDowndisDown and click Commits?

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #3

Using auto-complete might work to get to the Remote version, as it’s likely to be the latest.

It won’t help me get to the older version, so I can see what all hast changed since the commit.

Not only will that let me know what cool new features were added, but it’ll help me decide if it’s worth upgrading. Hence the feature request about the compare URL

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #4

I just got an email:

Your version: 1.2.0.beta1
New version: 1.2.0.beta2

You may want to:

Why isn’t that link:

Comparing v1.2.0.beta1...v1.2.0.beta2 · discourse/discourse · GitHub ?

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #5


If I click on the current version, it points me to that tree… not quite useful.

Could we get that pointing to a comparison of that commit to tests-passed? I’d use that to see if there are any pressing issues to be applied,

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #6

Current workflow:

  1. Go to Admin
  2. Click the current version, which links to the last commit I upgraded to
  3. end up at github
  4. click Pull request
  5. switch the base
  6. Review all commits since my last update
  7. close the github window, upgrade if it’s needed.

At the Admin/upgrade page, I see the commit I’m coming from, and on the right I see the commit I’m going to, it would be really nice if both of those commits were linked to a comparison to master, intstead of:

that would make my 7 step process a one-click action from the relevant Upgrade page.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #8

I don’t know how to do this… it’d take a PR agains this file, I suppose.

Anyone interested?

I’m thinking it would be somewhere near here:

docker_manager/repo.js at master · discourse/docker_manager · GitHub

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #9

I’ve just kinda dealt with this, mainly because I lack the dev skills to submit a PR myself, and because there are bigger fish to fry.

but, as I’m looking to see if this issue is fixed, I find myself wishing that clicking the version in /admin would bring me to a comparison of current commit to tests-passed (comparing it to the branch specified in my app.yml would be even cooler-er.

So, I figured I’d ping this post to see if anyone else had a wish like this, or knew enough to submit a patch.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #10

it’s here too, on the upgrade completion page:

I would expect that clicking on d418c4c would take me to `a list of commits to that point… such as

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #11

Is the fix somewhere near


(Jeff Atwood) #12

Is this still a problem? Wasn’t the need for this predicated on custom overrides of text or email copy, which is now all editable in the UI as of 1.5 beta?

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #13

Thanks for the reply @codinghorror

The issue is in the admin view, in /admin/upgrade

I’d love to just go to that URL see the current commit I’m on, click it & go to github and seee what’s new since that commit.

As it stands, clicking what looks like a hyperlink to a (commit) is just a link to the .git URL itself

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My request is to make clicking on the commit link to a comparison of that commit to master (or tests passed, etc)

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #14

This is flawed.

I also need to change the proposed PR to go against the branch I’m deployed on (tests-passed) or I end up wasting time upgrading my 4 discourse for some cool new feature that doesn’t happen to pass at the moment.

so, a fix here would replace these steps:

  • Go to Admin
  • Click the current version, which links to the last commit I upgraded to
  • end up at github
  • click Pull request
  • switch the base
  • change the branch to tests-passed
  • Review all commits since my last update
  • close the github window, upgrade if it’s needed.

with: clicking on the displayed commit to

[repo url]/compare/[commit][…][branch specified in the app.yml]

The faster discourse is updated, the more time this would save.

(Robby O'Connor) #15

This is a problem for me as well but I just saw this:

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #16

This is how I check to see if updates are needed now…

If the link on the Versions page would do this instead:

[repo url]/compare/[commit][…][branch specified in the app.yml]

It’d be a one-click process.


Beginners Guide to Install Discourse on Ubuntu for Development
(cpradio) #19

I’ll be working on this in the days to come.

(cpradio) #20

PR Submitted for implementing this.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #21

Not seeing a change…

not after a code update & page refresh.

The issue appears in /admin/upgrade which I thought was managed by discourse_docker ? …

Before upgrade:

After upgrade

(cpradio) #22

Those aren’t the links referenced in the video/gif…

I can see what it would take to do that page as well, but since that has to work with various repositories, it isn’t nearly as simple.

Though, I do see a post further up references that screen… I focused on the video/gif though.

This is what I did.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #23

The primary problem is in the first post. The video is the workaround.