Does Append Tags work?


I would like to add tags to several topics. I select the topics and give you the tags for the bulk actions. But it looks like it will not work. Am I doing something wrong?

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Can you repro this @Simon_Cossar?

What you are doing looks correct. It should work. Are you able to add the modern tag to a new topic that you create in the modern category? If you go to the category edit modal for the modern category, have you set any rules for which tags are allowed in the category?


thanks @Simon_Cossar



But I’ve found the mistake, I’ve created a tag group with existing tags. This was probably wrong. When I looked, I found that.

I change the settings to “tags can be used by everyone” and not it works. But when i refresh the page the wrong setting are selected but it works.

I can’t reproduce the refresh setting selection issue. When I refresh the page the correct radio button is selected. Can you reproduce this @Simon_Cossar ?

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Are you on latest Discourse version? The bug you are describing was fixed last month as described here:


I update every monday over the web ui

v2.1.0.beta1 +280

i make now one over command line to

v2.1.0.beta1 +283

same like in my gif befor.

But i can add tags over bulk action now. Maybe the Radio Button shows only the wrong selection?

No, it’s working correctly for me.

@Imperator, could you try accessing your site in safe-mode ( and see if the problem is still occurring?


Yes the problem is still on.

Or make i something wrong?