Does it support ipv6 address in app.yml?


I want to set the smtp address a ipv6 address in app.yml, after rebuild, it seems that the mail don’t wrok, but ipv4 works.

How to resolve?


(Matt Palmer) #2

What exactly did you set? IPv6’s use of colons sometimes requires wrapping v6 address literals in square brackets, so there’s no confusion with port numbers.


When I ping6 2001:19f0:232:32:232:00ff:fe18:68c2 from the docker inside, it shows connect: Network is unreachable.

And when I changed the smtp address to [2001:19f0:232:32:232:00ff:fe18:68c2], it shows ’ : ’ problems.

When I changed the smtp address to '2001:19f0:232:32:232:00ff:fe18:68c2, it shows no errors. But the network is still unreachable.

The discourse docker do not start ipv6 address assignment by default, does it?

So how can I do?

(Matt Palmer) #4

No, the Discourse Docker container does not automatically assign an IPv6 address, because addressing and routing is not under the control of containers, but rather is a core Docker concern. You’ll probably need to follow the Docker manual regarding configuring Docker (and the host, and potentially other parts of your network) to support IPv6.