Does setting "Default Trust Level" update current user's TL?

(Jeff) #1

We would like to bump the trust level of current members up. If I change the default trust level, will this change current member’s trust levels or just that of new members?

I’ve looked around and couldn’t find a definitive answer, sorry if I missed it somewhere.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

No. These sort of defaults only affect new users that sign up after the default is set.

(Jeff) #3

Gotcha, thanks for the clarification!

(Peter Bäckgren) #4

Since this seems like the best “gotcha” place for an added comment…

Recently, I was surprised by the fact that users could do “far too much” on the system.

After quite a lot of searching I finally found out the culprit (default trust level is 0). But, for groups you also set the default trust level which seems to be for the entire system, not just the group. Nothing wrong here, just not the first place I remembered to look when trying to figure out why I had a bunch of leaders.

So, a very long time ago, as I had a new important closed group that I did not want to bother with too many “you must post x times to…” popups (don’t know what to call the reminders, even as an admin I still get them far too often), I actually just gave them Trust level 4 to make sure they have a minimum of fuss. Yes, this was when I was new and green to Discourse :wink: . Ooops.

I’ll use trust level 2 for groups that I expect to understand forums from now on… but this comment might help someone else as well, although I suspect most admins are smart enough to go with lower levels when they are learning a new system. I’ve always been a bit impatient :smiley: .