Don't collapse the logo when scrolling down

(Daniel Hölbling) #1

The logo is the synonym for - take me home…

I noticed that when you are inside a topic and scroll down the logo is collapsed and besides it the topic title is displayed and linked to the topic…

It’s too easy to just click the topic title again (for no apparent gain because you are already on that page) but the small collapsed logo is a lot harder to click.

I guess there is enough space to not collapse the logo to give the important action (back to topics) more space than the useless action (go to the place where you are?).

(Peter Stoinov) #2

As I noted here, the navigation need some fixing. The logo itself wouldn’t be such a problem if you had other ways to navigate to other sections of the site, except by going to the home page.
And I personally think that showing the whole topic name on the top is very helpful in the case of since you could navigate away from the initial topic while still writing the answer to it. It keeps you from getting lost quickly.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Actually, there is a reason to click the topic title – it takes you to the top of the topic if you are deep in it. It’s another way to “zap yourself to the top”.

Right clicking the topic title and selecting “copy link” gives you a link to the top of the topic as well. The value in the address bar will always be dynamically updated to reflect the current post you’re reading, not the top of the topic.

I don’t call that useless, personally. :wink:

(Alexander) #4

Kinda funny that the logo itself doesn’t do that on the home page.

(Alexander) #5

Hm, that means that it also sorta-breaks the back history:

  1. On the home page, scroll until you see the address bar change to /popular/more
  2. Click a topic link
  3. Go back a page in history, and you’ll be at the top of the home page, not scrolled down to where you were

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Cannot repro, from home page, scroll down, click a topic title, then click back. I am exactly where I used to be in the topic list and the topic I clicked on fades to yellow so I know where I was.

(Alexander) #7

Oops, I missed a step – 1.5 should be “Click the Discourse logo (which should not take you to the top of the page)”.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

I don’t understand. Clicking the logo takes you back to the home page. If you click that as step 1.5, naturally you are back at the very top of the popular topic list.

(Alexander) #9

Sorry, what I’m saying is that on the home page, clicking the Discourse logo in the header does not take me to the top of the home page. If I scroll down enough so that the logo changes to /popular/more, and then hit the logo, the URL changes back to just, but I’m not scrolled back to the top.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Ah, I see. We should definitely fix that!

(Alexander) #11

(and the back button broken thing is that when you’ve clicked on the logo to change the URL back to just the domain, and then you click a topic that’s down a few pages, your back button takes you to the top of the homepage)

(Jeff Atwood) #12

Clicking the logo does always take you back to the home page now.