Don't load http onebox images when using https

We are using https now on our Discourse installation. Some images are being loaded and shown that are not served over https. For example, in this post Water Resource API List and Development - Packages - rOpenSci Discuss the image is served over http.

Is there a way to prevent images not served over https from loading?

In your case the short answer is no. That’s a problem with oneboxing and AFAIK there is no solution right now. You can vote for the following feature request:


Okay, thanks for the response. Will do

Workaround is to not onebox the URL, just put a space or any other text in front of it:

Like so

Or any text after it Like so


Thanks! That’s a simple solution

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Looks like it was implemented, that is good news. I am looking forward to the net release. Very important feature…