Double clicking on Discourse Logo responds with blank screen

(Alexandre Angelim) #1

I love double clicking on links! It’s just something I do for fun!

One of my users was getting a blank screens when trying to get back to the homepage. After exchanging a lot of messages I finally found out he thinks links should be clicked twice to do whatever they’re supposed to do.
I know this is an absurd edge case, but I thought it would be good to report it.

(Sam Saffron) #2

Its a legit bug, I heard someone else complaing about it.

@eviltrout how does one tame the router here.

(Robin Ward) #3

This is related to us delaying showing the spinner – We are double loading if you ask it to do it before the spinner appears. Fixing.

(Robin Ward) #4

Here’s a fix for it:

(Robin Ward) #5