Double Login with v2.2.0.beta6 +35


We just updated to the most recent version and multiple users are mentioning something about “having to login twice to have a successful login”? I’m not having the issue, but at least three people are experiencing this.

Is this happening anywhere else? And what steps could I take as an admin on said forum to fix this. I do not own the server, I just have admin capabilities.


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What kind of login are you talking about? Username / password or something else?

Yeah just the standard username/password login.

I tried to replicate it by taking off my 2FA because those three users do not have 2FA on and it would log me straight in no problems.

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What browser/OS are the users having difficulty on? Have they tried on their phones or in a different browser?

I’ll have to get back with you on this one.

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I have the same issue, running discourse v2.2.0.beta6 +84 and using firefox browser v64.0.

Can you repro at ?

I logged in and logged out there several times just now in Firefox 64 with no issues at all.

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On it is working fine for me!

MeanwhiIe i tried on my local setup also Google Chrome Browser on desktop and Safari on iPhone and noticed the same issue with the double login. So it looks like not to be browser specific.

Most likely related either to a plugin or setting, to help debug this can you try in safe mode (enter it, then try logging in )


If i only check “Disable all site customization” it is working without double login. What is included in all site customization? I could not find the root cause of it.

One of your themes or theme components is causing it then…


I did not load an extra theme, just using the standard ones. How can i provide more information to find the root cause? Or can i test something else?

I just found out that it doesn’t matter which check box i check. If i just visit safe-mode first it is working without double login. So it could still be everyhting, right?

It looks like a couple were using Firefox, one was Chrome, and the other was Edge. The one using Chrome is no longer having this issue.

I did add a couple of themes I made myself. Do you think I should see if they’re all using the same theme?