Double post after import

I did run the kunena3.rb import script.

After a week of trial and error I finally succes on a vanilla install…

Any clues why I get double post after import? The items are only once in: jos_kunena_topics?

Users where only imported once!

That’s odd. The script is designed to be able to turn multiple times and not duplicate topics, posts, or users.

Could it be that the kunena database has multiple copies of those messages?


Well, I did a new vanilla install @ vultr and a new import.

This time using the screen function in ssh. I have to debug but this time it seems right!!

loading existing groups...
loading existing users...
loading existing categories...
loading existing posts...
loading existing topics...
fetching Joomla users data from mysql
fetching Kunena user data from mysql
creating users
    8 / 8 (100.0%)  %)
creating topics and posts
38888 / 38888 (100.0%)  [196 items/min]

updating bumped_at on topics

updating last posted at on users

updating last seen at on users

Updating topic reply counts...
10625 / 10623 (100.0%)  [8242 items/min]  .Updating first_post_created_at...
Updating user post_count...
Updating user topic_count...

updating featured topic users
15723 / 15723 (100.0%)
updating featured topics in categories
   12 / 12 (100.0%)
updating user topic reply counts
10623 / 10623 (100.0%)
resetting topic counters
15723 / 15723 (100.0%)

Done (04h 27min 25sec)
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