Double-Stuf improved search feedback

(Jeff Atwood) #1

Continuing the discussion from Frustrated with Search in Discourse:

This is what we call “double-stuf” search. It is like the old search, but … embiggened.

If you have feedback on this feature as it is in development, leave it here.

Search provides no way to show all results
(Jeff Atwood) #2
  • highlighting of hits in the excerpt is a must

  • for results that are topics, show category badge and # of posts, this will also make it a lot more immediately visually clear when a result is a topic vs. a post

  • should be a bit taller

Note that mobile search is of course unaffected by this change.


Thanks Jeff and Sam, search has really needed some TLC.

It’s good to see that it’s being looked at. :slight_smile:

(cpradio) #4

Yes, this will be a big help until a full page search can be taken into fruition. I really like this step.


Feature request: “Really likes”


(Luke S) #6

Much better. One thing I noticed: If there is a link in the exerpt, it gets rendered something like:

[link-label][actual http address]

Which I think is not what you want.

Also, a +1 for @codinghorror’s proposed enhancements, especially highlighting the hits.


[ot] This is my favourite new word [/ot]

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Next round of double-stuf search improvements are in. Try searching for the word antidisestablishmentarianism.

(Luke S) #9

Okay, link formatting seems fixed. :thumbsup:
Why would anyone want to search for that mouthful? Is part of the point that I don’t actually need to type the whole thing? Or am I missing something here?

(Sam Saffron) #10

Today’s improvements

Highlighting of term @awesomerobot to bring back the yellow

Show category

Show status

Super ninja advanced search:

Type order:latest to order by latest

Type status:closed to only show closed

Type status:open to only show open


Giant internal refactor to make extending and amending search simpler. 50 search results show up on expansion.

I am kind of happy with search at the moment. Thinking of pulling order latest into a checkbox though cause it is super common.

Discourse New User Tips and Tricks
Advanced Search
(probus) #11

Displaying the dates of results would help as well.

(Dave McClure) #12

The current changes are a big improvement.

I think the temptation to add more metadata will be there until there is parity with the topic list, which would still be easiest to do by putting results in their own page.

Then you can see post dates, you can click column headers to reorder, and you can scroll for more results.

URLs with the search params can be exposed for sharing and bookmarking.

Is that still in the cards for the future?

(Sam Saffron) #13

Yes, but I no longer feel urgency.

Trouble with going down the very tempting “advanced search” road is that you build a feature that is not discovered by the majority of users.

I think the “magic words” - with help somewhere, gets us most of the way. Personally I am finding I don’t need to go to the hacked up search= place anymore.

Take a few steps back, what if I did not do this round of changes and instead focused on advanced search, it may have been awesome but would not have helped the general population.


I think a “Help” link right there (same line as the “Search this topic” checkbox) would be great. So long as it’s a normal link that can be middle / ctrl clicked.


Search has definitely improved, but it’s dancing around what it really needs:

This solves the “click for more” problem. We already scroll everywhere else, search is an obvious place for this, and it’s kind of confusing right now. Middle clicking on the magnifying glass should take the user to the full search page. The previously discussed help link obviously must be there, too.

The full page enables important things (and I’m sure others can come up with more):

  • Persistent results. I can middle click results to check them out and still have my list sitting there unchanged. Having search results in a dropdown seems really fragile to me.
  • Multiple searches going in different tabs
  • Metadata: topic start, last activity. These columns should have sort widgets that are equivalent to the order: syntax.
  • Point and click filtering widget? Categories? Statuses?

(Jeff Atwood) #16

Nobody has said that won’t happen. But improving the most common method of search first is far more logical than improving the advanced mode.

It’s the difference between

let’s make this awesome


let’s make this awesome

(Dave McClure) #17

Just to clarify, I think that having the results simply on their own page is the next big win.

After that all the advanced search params and query operators might be nice. But they are somewhat separate concerns.

(cpradio) #18

Right. My biggest riff with the current search is the view port. I want to be able to see ALL results, not a limited set as most of the time, I find I have to alter my parameters to eventually find what I want. If I had all of the results, I could scroll till I find it.


This is my only real complaint with the current system as well. I love everything else about it.

(Gerhard Schlager) #20

I like the new, better search interface. An option to open a new page which shows more results and details (e.g. dates) would be great.

One more thing. Currently their is no feedback for the user when the search didn’t find any results.
I’d expect a “No results found” message instead of nothing at all.