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(finid) #1

On a profile page, there is a greyed-out button that says download archive of my posts.

Obviously it’s not been implemented, but I’m sure it will be a neat feature once it is.

Here’s a feature suggestion along the same lines:

Have an option for the admin to enable a button for a post that says download PDF of this post. (or epub or .odt or txt file, etc)

This could come in handy if an admin wants to use Discourse to post lengthy tutorials.

(Daniel Watkins) #2

This definitely sounds like plugin material; it doesn’t sound like an especially common use case.

(Sean Tierney) #3

Indeed this would be a nice-to-have feature, albeit fringe. We use Discourse to develop a meeting of the minds for scope of work on our projects with our clients and are now snapshotting the entire exchange and appending it to our contracts to preserve that.

In absence of having this feature here’s an elegant workaround I came up with that does the trick (because it’s nearly impossible to PDF-ize a Discourse thread any other way, and I tried them all). I’m working on a Mac and I was able to:

  1. Disable javascript in Safari under Develop > Disable Javascript.
  2. Reload the post in question and be sure to kill the trailing post# reference in the URL
  3. This gives you a nice regular HTML view. Do Print > PDF for each page (it paginates at 20 posts)
  4. Open that first PDF, do View > Thumbnails then drag in each subsequent PDF for the other pages

This gives you a nicely-formatted PDF of the entire thread. It’s a little bit of manual work but gave us what we needed in absence of this “Download as PDF” feature. cheers

Format for hard copy or PDF printing
Printer Friendly CSS
(Tobias Eigen) #4

I like it! Thanks for sharing. Works in Chrome as well.

There are a few threads in the forum about this topic but this answer is the best and clearest I’ve seen so far.

I question whether this is a fringe feature. On my community of people working in Africa people would definitely benefit from being able to download a topic in a nice format suitable for reading offline later.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #5

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