DRAFT: Flagging queue - General



Flagging can also be used as a way for privately notifying staff for other matters/issues (e.g. moving posts to other topics etc.)

Flagging queue

These actions refer to agreeing/disagreeing with the reason for flagging. This is for a basic reminder of what results from each.

Agree (with reason for flagging post)

  • Option to hide post + send PM
  • Option to just agree (user does not know that their post has been flagged)



There is no effect on trust for the flagged user. Defer is like a “neutral” option - it can be used when the flag isn’t “good” or “bad” - it’s simply something to get the moderators’ attention, and that’s it. An example for defer might be a user flagging their own post to make a request (like wiki this please, move this here please, etc.)

  • Post remains hidden if currently hidden


Disagree (with reason for flagging post)


  • Trust level impact for OP of flagged post: No
  • Trust level impact for flagger(s): No


  • Option to ‘Defer + delete’ vs ‘Agree + delete’.

  • Same impact on trust as Agree/Defer on their own

Flag + Take Action

Continued from List of full moderation tools.

(Please feel very free to edit. This is still a start.)

As a commenter, when does Flagged turn off? How does it work?
(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

Definitely feel free to copy and paste whatever we’ve said around this forum into your topic so we can have a canonical doc for all that stuff. When such topics are made redundant by docs like this one, flag them for moderation se we can close them and link to the newer resource.

Great initiative! :+1:

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #3

I don’t think this is 100% accurate. If I’m not mistaken, flags only effects TL3. Users can get numerous flags and still progress from TL0 to TL1 to TL2. TL3 is the only spot I see flags mentioned in the Trust Level Document.

This should still be the case. I would avoid mentioning “based on recent info” if this is to be the canonical document.

There is no effect on the flagged user. Defer is the “neutral” option - it’s used when the flag isn’t “good” or “bad” - it’s simply something to get the moderators attention, and that’s it. A good example for defer would be a user flagging their own post to make a request (like wiki this please, move this here please, etc.)

Same as using “Agree” or “Defer” without adding “delete”. Agree “hurts” flagged user for TL3, Defer does nothing.


Thank you, I’ve updated the post; I didn’t realise I wasn’t aware of a couple of things.

Oh okay thank you :blush: I realise I’ve been basing on this:

and probably some other things I’d seen like these:

But then yep there is this to clear that up:

And the User TL document is more updated than the topic on flags I had gotten an idea from anyway, so I’ve fixed that.

Okay, thank you (with the things in brackets, I do mean to remove them; I am just leaving them for when I’m unsure of something.) I’ll move my questions to the discussion down here instead rather than having things in the wiki.

Can I quote that/put that in under Defer? :blush: that actually cleared a lot up for me…

I’ve updated this too now. Thanks so much again :relaxed:

And thank you @erlend_sh :smile:

(Andrew Waugh) #5

Flags aren’t just about offensive content. They are an easy way for users to draw moderator attention to a post which needs action which a plain user can’t perform (change category, remove edit history, remove personal details).

If you present them as such in your user guides then they may make better use of them. I personally prefer a flag over a PM, the red gets my attention when I first look at the site.


Oh okay thank you; I’ve mostly only seen them being used for drawing staff attention to inappropriate content where I’ve been, and we’ve relied more on contacting staff directly about other actions, but I see a few times now that that is another use for them (I think it seems pretty convenient too).
I will reflect that more in the wiki as well :blush:

(Andrew Waugh) #7

Obviously, your user base, and the subject matter of your forum will play a big role in how flags get used. My forum is for classic car enthusiasts, so we don’t get much inappropriate content or flame warriors. We do get people posting stuff in the wrong topic, or including personal details, or mistaking public posts for private messages - I don’t read every single post, so I’m glad of the user’s having a simple way to draw my attention to something.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #8

Please feel free to stick it under Defer (no need to quote). I may go in and edit it after, I just through that together quickly…


Okay :slight_smile: thank you


Hello, could this please be closed? Before, I was less aware of how little I knew. The other topics for #moderation are amazing!

(I was also starting to head into some trying times, and ended up having to abandon most side projects I wanted to work on anyway. So I’m sorry about this, everyone, but I really appreciate people’s efforts here.)

(Sam Saffron) #11