Drop down on Head-Shoulders stopped working

Since you’all moved log out (to the Avatar–>Head/Shoulders > Drop Down menu–> Log out at bottom), I had no issues with it. Until last week. Now the menu does not appear at all. So I cannot do anything (like get to Drafts, if I had one… or Log out). I did not change anything. What could be wrong?

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Try running in safe mode and see if that helps.

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Just to be clear, you mean in Windows Safe Mode?

And if it then works in Safe Mode, then what?

Nope. Discourse safe mode. Try a search.


Thank you for that tip. However, the drop down still does not appear while in Safe Mode. I was hoping…

Unless you can repro it here, it is a customization or plugin on your site causing the problem.

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The menu does not open here on the Discourse forum either. It highlights, but no menu opens no matter what I try.

That implies it is an issue with your browser. Try a different web browser, one you do not normally use, all defaults.

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Ok, I’ll try that tomorrow.

Just seems odd that it’s worked since Discourse changed the area, and I was logging out a couple times in 24 hrs… and suddenly it quit working.

If you have reason to log out frequently knowing that typing ZZ will log you out could make your life better.

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What area changed for you… and when? There have been no changes made on our site. All is as it was before. I think this is a problem with your Chrome browser as I mentioned during our recent PMs.

Long ago Jim… Remember, Log out didn’t use to be hidden under the head-shoulders icon. So I was saying I never had this problem, even after they moved Log out to the drop down.


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Just an update and what seems to be the problem. I had asked another user on our forum to test several browsers she uses both at home and work. Turns out all her browsers work fine with the drop down menu discussed… except for any that she hasn’t updated in a while. On those, she has the same problem as @cageycat. This seems to confirm it to be a browser issue.

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For me, the issue was solved when I went through my history and deleted any posts that had video links. The reason I did this was because some videos (that others posted) began to auto play in the forum, even if the newest post was days after the video (e.g. I didn’t need to be anywhere near the vid for it to play).

Deleting the History for those videos seemingly fixed the drop down menu— at least it reappeared when I signed back onto the Forum. The menu remains, without problems.

(However, this week I have disappearing images in OneBox. )

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