Dropbox and ipad not playing well together with mp3

Below is a post I put in our private Discourse. (I copied and pasted, hence the odd formatting on youtube link)

People are having no trouble seeing the video and listening to the dropbox mp3 files…

Except user with an iPad. He can see/hear the video but can’t engage with the mp3s.

Is this a one-off? I can do more troubleshooting on my end, but it’s a mystery to me, and if it’s been seen before, would love to know.


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I just tested using Safari in my iPad running iOS 12.1:

  • Youtube Works

  • MP3 Works (show Live broadcast instead of the actual time left, but plays just fine)

  • Video doesn’t work. Since it’s a .mov file this is kinda expected, I recommend .mp4 with H.264 video and AAC audio for maximum compatibility.


super helpful

thank you @Falco


Hi @Seth_Godin,

I could reproduce the audio issue on an iOS11 device, upgrading to iOS12 fixed the issue.