Dropbox video doesn't preview or display

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There is a bug with displaying videos from Dropbox using the dropbox.com/s/ format. That is the format dropbox uses for sharing specific files, and it works in Discourse for all other kinds of files. For video files rather than display the video in the posts with the option to play within the post, Discourse only displays the video’s control bar.

Is this an issue with the set-up of the forum or is it an issue with Discourse displaying videos using the dropbox.com/s/ style link?

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Here is that same link with the https// removed:

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The above video is in my public folder, I just copied the link and it works.

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Thanks for the reply. The issue is with the Dropbox.com/s/ style link.

Dropbox is phasing out public folders so it would be good to make these work

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Oh, I didn’t now that.

I see. Looks like /s/ links:

  • end with the file extension (.webm, .mp4)
  • serve HTML instead
  • OpenGraph tags serve type:website instead of type:video
  • No oEmbed support

I’m not amused. Looks like dropbox don’t wanna host videos that get shared on the internet. For that you should try other plataforms that allow embed like Youtube and Vimeo.

The “fix” here is to stop using the file name to guess, let Onebox interpret OpenGraph tags and display a regular onebox like this:

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One more tidbit. If the dropbox.com/s/ link is followed by ?=0 it doesn’t work, but if it’s followed by ?=1 it does.

First link ?=1

Second link ?=0

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This seems sorted with recent onebox improvements.

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Looks like this has stopped working again:

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I think that the difference between a Dropbox video embed that works is modifying the last parameter from dl=0 to raw=1:

Example that works:


Example that doesn’t work:


Source: Solved: Embed Video to Website - Dropbox Community - 208019