Duplicate Group and Topics

I’m setting up Discourse and need to duplicate a group and its topics.
Each client gets a private group where I have already started a number topics. The topics are common to all client groups.
Is there a way to duplicate/clone a template group and its topics, then rename the group title?

I think that by “group” you mean category and that This does part of what you want. Topic and Category Export/Import


This is something that we would love also as we have the same thing. At the momebt we are using canned replies as templates for the topics but are having to create the groups and categories manually. I think a plugin would be needed here to avoid doing it via command line.

I’ve considered an API script that would do just this, but thus far I’ve neither found the time nor someone who’d pay for it. An API solution seems more robust as it’s work for people who can’t or won’t want to install a plugin.