Ease of use Discourse 1.0

(Mateo Sol) #1

I stumbled across your wonderful forum script a few months ago and have ever since been looking forward to the first stable release to start up my forum community and run along side my popular wordpress blog.

My question is; is the 1.0 stable discourse releases and addons going to be easy to install for a noob?

I stumbled across the bitnami one click install of discourse and it looks pretty simple but browsing through the forums with so many knowledgeable developers talking about complex codes and scripts makes it a bit intimidating to think how difficult adding plugins and customizing discourse is going to be?

(Tomo Vukasović) #2

I used digital ocean to install new discourse. It was about 30 minute setup. I still have problems with email notifications, but I am working to resolve it.

If you have any questions let me know since it is fresh in my head :smile:

(Jens Maier) #3

There is at least one Howto that explains, step by step, how to install Discourse on a specific VPS (Virtual Private Server) provider. As long as you’re willing to fork over $10 a month for the VPS, can copy&paste commands from the tutorial into another window and don’t care about what any of it means, you’re probably fine. :slight_smile:


Discourse is by far more complicated than your average web forum software. You will own a Linux based server; such a server is a powerful thing, but while that power allows you to run Discourse instead of a run-of-the-mill PHP-based forum, it also brings with it a host of responsibilities: running backups, installing software updates (and not “just” updates for Discourse!), keeping an eye on security-related log files, disk usage and performance…

Still, I urge you to give it a try. If you’re not into spending money for a test run, install VirtualBox (or VMware Player, or use Hyper-V, if you’re on Windows and your edition supports it) and set up Ubuntu 14.04 Server. Getting a server to run using nothing but semi-cryptic text commands in a console window, and wrestling five different programs (Postgres, Redis, Nginx, Sidekiq and Discourse) into doing what you want can be an enjoyable hobby. :wink:

(Mateo Sol) #4

Thank you for the replies :). My website runs on Hostgator under a VPS…I think they use linux, so would it be possible to have it run there under a subdomain using the suggested tutorials?

(Jens Maier) #5

That depends, it’s a slightly more complicated setup and only sparsely covered by the Howtos.

First of all, check with your hoster whether your VPS’ operating system supports being a Docker host. If so, follow the setup instructions; while the howto has you edit the app.yml file, also change "80:80" under expose: to read "4000:80". Configure your firewall to drop external connections to port 4000 and configure your existing webserver to use name-based virtual hosting and proxy traffic to the subdomain to Discourse via port 4000. (I’ve chosen port 4000 arbitrarily; feel free to pick any other port number.)

(Mateo Sol) #6

I am a fan of learning new complex hobbies :smiley: but is Discourse going to be this complicated to install for ever? Won’t it limit the amount of people that use this great communication medium in the future?

One of the things that makes WordPress so popular as a blogging platform is its ease of installation. But then I don’t understand anything about programming so I imagine Discourse requires a much denser variety of scripts and functions.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Was WordPress easy to install in 2004? Let’s at least compare apples to apples here :wink: as we are 1.5 years in compared to WordPress being 10+ years in…

That said our install story is all about Docker. If your host supports Docker, that is the official supported easy install. We are banking that in the next 5 years Docker support will become very common.

(Anton) #8

What I think the only real obstacle is the ease of extending.

With nodebb, for example, every web develop can start extending straight away by reading the hooks and looking through a few simple examples. Every web developer knows JS. I’d be more than happy to see the way to “write and upload a js plugin” (well, for GUI only) right in JS admin panel. Much less people know Ruby than JS. The easiness of writing plugins is what I really love in WP and nodebb and would like to see in Discourse eventually.

Re installation - with the capability of Discourse to handle really serious load on a single server, I do not think that should be a problem at all. An easy 1-2-3 guide for Discourse is perfect and will cover most of single and medium forums on the net. IMHO.