Easy to use static pages plugin

(albanlv) #1

A simple plugin to create, edit and destroy static pages. Find it here

How it works:

  • install the plugin
  • go to Admin > Plugins > Pages
  • click on New and create a page via the WYSIWYG editor
  • visitors will be able to navigate the pages via a new section in their hamburger menu

Next steps:

  • add css styling

Initiated and financed by Sharelex, coded by Nukomeet (developper Scott Nelson)

Find the plugin here

Adding Custom Static Pages
Create a custom page
Customizing About page and other pages
How do I create a page not a topic?
How to create a new page similar to About, FAQ, Terms & Privacy?
Adding further static pages
[PAID] USD 555 for upgrading the discourse-static-pages plugin to the new Discourse API
(@SenpaiMass) #2

Thanks for this plugin, i am going to check it out now.

(@SenpaiMass) #3

Can it have URL formatting?
instead of /pages/1/ etc.

site.com/page_name or site.com/p/page_name

(Marco) #4

Great plugin…
It is possibile to have the demo for this plugin?

(@SenpaiMass) #5

Here you go.

(Marco) #6

Thank you Alan ^^

It’s possible to rename the ‘page’?
Example: from /page/ to page_name/

(Charles Walter) #7

Nice job. Look forward to trying it out.

Is CSS styling on a page by page basis? or in the master CSS? Curious to see how you’re handling mobile.

(albanlv) #8

We didn’t implement the css styling yet. Your suggestions on this are
welcome :slight_smile:

(@SenpaiMass) #9

Page_name would be a really nice addition.

(Marco) #10

It would be a nice addition…
I hope that this change will be implemented as soon as possible…

(Ryan Carr) #11

I am still new to Discourse but does this plugin support login or trust level protection?

What I mean by this, are you able to only show said static page to logged in users or users of a specific trust level or group?

(albanlv) #12

Unfortunately no, we don’t have this feature yet. The pages that are
created are available to all users.

(Trystant) #13


First, thanks so much for this plugin. I tried installing this plugin for a project. Unfortunately, after I installed, restarted the server, logged in as an admin, enabled static pages and then attempted to go to the Plugin Admin page:

I got just the top nav of the admin on the page and an Ember stacktrace in the browser that I logged on Github issues for the repo.

Any ideas on the source of the problem would be appreciated.


(Marco) #14

Hi @albanlv, did you have a any update?

(albanlv) #15

@Roxelle Unfortunately we are working on other things right now so we
didn’t implement anything new


I’m interested in trying to use this plugin for my websites home page. Has anyone else had experience in the following:

  • creating a custom static page (with javascript and css styling)
  • setting that page as the main page (first page users see)

(Bryan Holst) #17

I installed this plugin yesterday and I get no options at all… Is this not compatible with the latest version of Discourse?

The plugin has no options and the only settings are to enable or disable the plugin. Am I missing something?

Enabling/disabling plugin requires refresh to update admin link
(Leo McArdle) #18

Enable the plugin, then go back to the /admin/plugins page and refresh. A link to /admin/plugins/pages should appear on the side, where you can create pages.

(Bryan Holst) #19

Just a heads-up, I never did get that link. It may not have installed correctly then. I’ve done a rebuild a few times since then and no change. In the meantime though, I’ve gone ahead and built a separate wordpress site for our needs, so this isn’t as big of an issue now. Just wanted to update you.


When I installed this plugin after updating to the latest version of discourse it made it impossible to see my plugins page. (and may have cause other misc. UI problems.)

I triple checked it for error on my part but i think its just broken :confused: