Easy way to view all topics with unread responses?

(Jeff Wishnie) #1

I assume I am just missing this… I am looking for a way to see ALL Topics in an instance that have response I have not yet read.

You’d think /unread might be the place to go, but this list is incomplete. If i go to /latest and scroll through the infinite scroll, there are MANY more bolded Topics with unread responses than what is listed at /unread

I assume:

  1. I misunderstand the meaning of ‘unread’
  2. There is a simple way to view ALL unread posts, but I can’t find it…


(Jeff Atwood) #2

All topics for all time, going back to 2008? That’d be a LOT of unread! :wink:

See your user preferences under /my/preferences/notifications particularly “automatically track”.

(Jeff Wishnie) #3

Thanks @codinghorror . In this case I think I want to ‘track’ every topic. Seems I can only set to track ones I enter.

So I guess if I view New and Unread that will be the complete set—New will be topics I’ve not entered yet, and Unread will be ones I have which have new posts…

Haven’t thought it through all the way, but a moderator-related setting to make it easy to see all unread posts in one place would be useful.

I recognize this is a use case specific to an active moderator who is trying to track all activity.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

I see, in this case I recommend

  • consider new → when I haven’t viewed them yet
  • track topics I enter → immediately

That is a very aggressive level of notifications though so be warned :wink:

(Jeff Wishnie) #5

That is exactly what I’ve done! I will tweak email settings to make it manageable!

thanks again.