Edge browser login problems due to plugin


I noticed that the edge browser is not working on my discourse login page. The second page that popups just spins and remains blank.

I also noticed same behavior for logging into this discourse.
Are there specific edge browser settings or is it just incompatible ? IE 10 works fine but not edge browser.

Any help would be appreciated.

Can you include a screenshot? Do you have any plugins installed (can you try safe mode in edge)?

I am unable to repro this.

I just disabled adguard plugin and the translator plugin and restarted Edge and now it is working. Strange that those plugins would cause the problem.

I had a friend try it and they had a different adblocker installed. Apparently, the adblocker extensions in edge are causing it to not work.


Can you isolate if this is adguard OR translator, would be good to have info out about the breaking extension, and possibly report to the extension author.


latest adguard edge extension is the culprit. Disabling does not help, it needs to be turned off in extension panel or uninstalled.

Thanks for helping isolate the problem. I haven’t seen an extension block stuff in a long time.