Edit CSS or Template , How?

(Tumi) #1

Ok Css i know how to edit. But should i need to know how to edt template. Shall i did it btw.

Pls tell me that one. I want to move icon of category ^^^ like on this picture. " float:right dont work as i want"



(Felix Freiberger) #3

You can override the Handlebars templates in a plugin, but that is a maintenance burden as you have to update your plugin whenever the original template is changed.

This kind of change looks like something that could be doable with CSS alone, but I’m not quite sure what you want to change, exactly. On which page did you take that screenshot? It kind of looks like the Categories view, but I’m not sure, to be honest :wink:


Just enter the above address, and add float: left to the icon class

(Tumi) #6

yes it is index page and categories viev…

i was add float: left to the icon class but it dont work