Edit Username instruction

(Christopher McEwan) #1

In our forum we would like users to adopt usernames that are based on their real names.

Currently the default login screen encourages users to adopt a short name.

Can I edit this message on login screen?

I am non-tech who relies on a hosted version and the admin console so if it is more complicated than that could you provide directions that a dummy could follow. :cold_sweat:

(Jeff Atwood) #2

It is not possible to override random strings in the UI, but it does get requested a lot. Short of creating a whole new translation language, not possible at the moment.

(Simon Cossar) #3

It’s fairly simple to customize UI text by overriding a translation file with a plugin. Is there any reason to not do it this way?

(Sam Saffron) #4

We need a solution for our business and standard customers who can not install a plugin, furthermore there is a lot of ceremony around doing this in a plugin.

(Kane York) #5

For translations in the JS only, you can do this:

I18n.translations.en.js.login.resend_activation_email = "Click here to send the activ ATION email again";

And put that in </head>.

(Robin Ward) #6

This works but will totally break your site if we remove a parent key, for example js.login – that seems unlikely but it should be noted as a risk.

I’d prefer a safer API that would handle this case. Or even better, an admin page where you can just override keys.