Editing my Disocurse Forum

(Cee Kay) #1

How to edit discourse installation. Can you please suggest some edit to my website, which is Engineersity

How to make the look and feel of the website better.


I think you may need to give some more detail on what you want to try and do

(Mittineague) #3

Agreed. The terms look, feel and better are all much too unspecific.

If you are interested in making changes to your Discourse there are options.

  • make the changes yourself
  • hire someone else to make the changes

In general, it is best to focus on one change at a time.

For “look”, descriptions are OK, but it is better to post a screen capture of how something looks, and a mockup of how you would like that thing to look. Often all that is needed to effect a change is to know what CSS to use and apply it. Other times it may be more involved. In any case, images convey the desired change best.

For “feel”, describe how something is now, and how you would prefer it to be. Listing of steps can be a big help. eg.

when I go to ___, and ___, ___ happens.
I would like it if ___ happened instead

Sometimes all that is needed is some custom JavaScript, other times a plugin is needed, or changes to Core code might be needed.