Editing posts via mobile = poor UX


I’m not sure if I have the forum misconfigured somewhere, but I find trying to edit a post on a mobile device a rather poor experience. The space allocated to the editor window is tiny and trying to maneuver around the post is extremely awkward. Is there any way to make the editor section (in the red box) bigger or fullscreen? I have the site mobile version setting enabled in the admin settings.

Here’s a screenshot from my phone.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Are you running an alternative browser? Also square 1440x1440 is a very strange mobile device screen size being square and all. Here is what composing a reply looks like on my iPhone 6s+.

I suggest using latest Chrome if you are on Android.

Also editing first post will take up a bit more space because of the category selector.


My phone’s native res is 1440 x 1440, and am using the native Blackberry browser. Using other forum platforms like NodeBB and Flarum is a dream at this res. I only have this issue with Discourse where composing (or editing) a post is an exercise in futility.

Here’s what it looks like when I compose a new post:


It would be great to have the ability to go fullscreen with the editor as you can with the preview.

(Alan Tan) #5

Hmm on android the category selector and topic title is taking up quite a bit of space.

(Régis Hanol) #6

Click the hamburger icon next to the :arrow_down_small: to open the composer toolbar and then click the :computer: icon :wink:


I mentioned that in my previous post – the computer monitor icon is to preview the post, not compose (as far as I can tell).

(Régis Hanol) #8

Duh, you’re right… :blush:

I actually never used it because I don’t reply from my phone.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Yeah there are a couple areas that could be removed to save space:

The uppermost one (our toolbar) you can turn on and off I thought? Perhaps we should suppress toolbar for first posts @tgxworld since the first post has the category and title…?

(Non-technical User) #10

I have been wanting to post about this as well, that the compose area on some android mobiles is too small to be used. One suggestion is let the user full screen the composer to fill the screen hiding all background posts if need be (like the drag up functionality in desktop view)

(cpradio) #11

It does this… at least for me…

(Jeff Atwood) #12

I believe those editor resize hacks are specific to iOS, and perhaps the editor resize hacks break down on Android due to the huge increase in vertical space eaten up by the UI, and the fact that it’s the first post which has additional category and title fields.

(cpradio) #13

So it seems to only affect new topics

Android - Chrome - Reply - No Toolbar

Android - Chrome - Reply - With Toolbar

Android - Chrome - New Topic - No Toolbar

Android - Chrome - New Topic - With Toolbar

Seems if the resizing logic for a New Topic would cover the entire viewport, that would help a tad, but isn’t going to make a major difference.

Enable Formatting Toolbar By Default on mobile
(Jeff Atwood) #14

Yeah we need to suppress the editor toolbar in this specific case (first post) on Android.

iOS fundamentally has a bit more room because they don’t eat up screen space for a set of home buttons, iOS has home button in actual hardware.

(Sam Saffron) #15

we can do a few things here

  • unconditional full screen hack while in focus for all mobile

  • always hide toolbar while not in focus

  • default hide toolbar if textarea is shorter than X

  • add a minimum hight to textarea while in focus

(Jeff Atwood) #16

Definitely this, for now, would stop some of the bleeding on Android.


Thanks for looking into this, guys!

(Salim Virani) #18

This happens in FF on Android as well.

A major reason we selected Discourse is that it’s so well-architected, that it works well in lower-bandwidth regions like Sub-Saharan Africa and India (where everything else really sucks in comparison). Those places don’t have significant iOS penetration though.

Also, I’m not really comfortable telling my users to change browsers. Feels a bit like “this webpage has been optimised for IE6.” :grinning:

This is true on a lot of Androids as well. Even my old S4 has a Retina-res screen and hardware buttons. Still, my UI looks like the BB screenshot above.

It looks like iOS compose doesn’t have the extra drop-downs and also uses a smaller font. Is that possible on other browsers too?

I like that this creates an even Discourse experience across platforms. No second-class users.

Aside from creating parity with iOS, fullscreen seems appropriate since quote reply also doesn’t work on FF/Android and thus, one of the major use cases of a floating compose window isn’t used anyway.

It gives everyone room to write and elaborate - that’s the big idea with Discourse right?

(Michael Downey) #19

Can this not be fixed? I use quote reply all the time on mobile (like now), and getting it working right on all browsers (including quoting after the editor is open) would be a huge usability improvement.

(Sam Saffron) #20

that is strange, there are 2 very strong opposing forces in play

  • Force 1, Ability to see what is going on when you are typing a reply/topic
  • Force 2, Ability to quote stuff while composing

The way it works now on iPhones is really good, while you are typing you are full screen so you can see lots of stuff.

If you want to quote stuff you minimize, go ahead and quote and then it is added to the in-progress topic.

“Browsing around while you are in the middle of a sentence and composer is expanded” is very much a desktop thing, not a mobile thing.