Editing profile pages

(Ani) #1

Hello, I am new here.

I am currently trying to modify a discourse page…

For instance if I wanted to change the background to be displayed on the full page rather then just in that little box. Where would I look to change that setting?

(Mittineague) #2

Once you are out of the Trust Level sandbox you will have more options.


(Jeff Atwood) #3

I do not think that is what is being asked here, it is about changing the user profile page to use the user background over the whole page. Btw not sure, you would have to probably restructure all the user page HTML quite a bit.

And anyway, even new users can set a user page profile image…

(Ani) #4

Yes that is correct.

Where would I goto to edit/change that. I have done a few searches and still have not the slightest idea of where to look.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

I don’t think there is any way to do what you are describing.

(Ani) #6

I actually managed to achieve this by using a javascript like…

function profEdit(){
	if( String(window.location.pathname).match(/(\/users\/)(?:.*)/) ){
		var bghead = $("section.about.has-background"); var bgcss = "";
		bghead.removeClass( "has-background" ).addClass( "no-background" );
		bgcss = bghead.css("background-image");
		$("body.docked").css("background-image", bgcss);
		$("body.docked").css("background-image", "url(\"\")");
profEdit(); setInterval(function(){profEdit()}, 500);

Tips on how to make the script more efficient would be appreciated. I was thinking maybe hook it into some emberjs call back instead of using a timer. Sadly I know nothing about ember.js :frowning:

Also how come people who are not logged in, cannot see profile modifications?