Edx plugin to use Discourse as the community engine for edx-platform

(Kiran Patil) #1


edx-platform(GitHub - edx/edx-platform: The Open edX platform, the software that powers edX!) is LMS(Learning management system) and we would like to use discourse as comment service and discussion forum.

We would like to know has anybody started the work on this line and if so please share it.


(Spero Koulouras) #2

Kiran - I have just started working on exactly this and would be glad to exchange notes at some point. Not much to report yet.

(Kiran Patil) #3

Excellent, I felt these two great apps make great combination to serve the need for next generation education system.

I thank you from bottom of my heart for taking up this initiative.

(Spero Koulouras) #4

We have adapted Discourse to be used as a companion site to a MOOC being taught through EdX for a course at UC Berkeley called “The Pursuit of Happiness”. The audience is completely non-technical. There is no EdX integration at this time, but the students and staff are finding it an alternative to EdX that offers a much better organization and flow of discussion. Check it out at ggsc.sennseis.com if you are interested. There are a couple discussions started on EdX vs. Discourse usage models. Approximately 2200 users signed up with ~350 posts/day trending upwards within 7 days of launch with minimal promotion. The goal is to gain experience and build content prior to promoting more heavily to the 100K student community. The intent is for the forum to continue in perpetuity after the MOOC concludes.

(Bodong Chen) #5

Hi Spero, I am also interested in exploring an EdX + Discourse integration. Do you have any further updates on the work? I check both the ggsc website and the MOOC. I was not sure whether the discussion functionality in the MOOC is based on Discourse. It would be great to learn more from you and your team.

(Spero Koulouras) #6

I am no longer actively working on this project.