Element on mobile that prevents scrolling

I have noticed this a few days ago, but maybe it was there longer, maybe it appeared after the recent update a week or two ago.

When i open a post on mobile (Chrome, Android), i can scroll it by swiping anywhere. Except for the blue block showing number of posts (e.g. 14/14). If i swipe right at this block, nothing happens. If often is right beneath my thumb when i open a post on my phone holding it in my right hand. I even thought this is some performance issue until i figured this out. A bit annoying. I can scroll by swiping any other clickable element like buttons/links.

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That block is a click target “above” the topic view, so it is expected that you cannot scroll if you start your motion there.

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I don’t remember seeing such behavior in other apps or websites, so it wasn’t expected for me from a user stand point.