Email Digest bug? Sending out emails with visited articles


(Andrew Stroup) #1

My users are experiencing a weird issue with digest emails where even if they visit a post OR several weeks have passed, posts still end up in their email digest.

Based on some research, we understood the classification of whether a post is included in the email digest is the following:

Topics you’ve never entered are governed by the second dropdown; those are highlighted with the “new” indicator, they don’t get post bubbles.

Basically, as far as the topic list is concerned, topics can have three states: new, visited and tracked. New topics have the indicator, visited ones have no indicator and tracked topics get post bubbles.

From your perspective, a topic starts out as “new”. It becomes “visited” when you view it or the “Consider topics new when” time has elapsed. It becomes tracked either manually or after you’ve spent “Automatically track topics I enter” seconds viewing it.
Thus, if auto-track is set to “always” and consider new is set to “until viewed”, topics will never be “visited”, the only state in which they have no indicators in the topic list. smiley

From: Marking *all* new topics as new?

I’m getting reports from users that even though they’ve visited articles and/or it’s been several weeks, those posts are still getting included in the email digest. Any one else experience this issue?

It’s become a significant enough problem where I’m receiving complaints by multiple users.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Email digest content is generated by popularity, not whether or not you’ve read the article. However, digests are only supposed to be sent to users who haven’t been on the site in a week or longer.

Do you have an unusual combination of settings where users are sent the digest even though they’ve actively been using the site?

The general idea is that digests only go to users who haven’t been on the site at all.

(Stephanie) #3

I’ve noticed a few sites changed that default so that you get them more frequently unless you change your personal settings. Starting people off with a daily digest is a little intense.