Email-in category notifications should send "To" that address

(Michael Downey) #1

As an admin, I want to be able to specify the To: field on email notifications from a category that has an admin-specified email-in address, so that when people move from a mailing list to Discourse, they’ll be able to keep their inbox rules.

In other words …

  1. Current mailing list messages are sent From: <> and To: <>.
  2. Discourse notifications for category “Foo” would be sent From: User Name <> and To: <>.

This way, when I move my mailing list over to Discourse, users will still be able to process emails To: <> with the same labels, folders, etc.

Notifications for topics in the Uncategorized “category” would use the email-in address specified for Uncategorized.

Notifications for categories without a specified email-in address should be the default To: <> that is used currently.

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