Email in fails silently when it doesn't work for whatever reason

(Tobias Eigen) #1

I wrote an email to a category that failed to post, presumably because it had file attachments that were too big to be allowed. The email languished in the POP mailbox and was never imported, and no error messages appear to have been saved to the log or emailed to the sender or site owner’s mailbox.

I can understand it not accepting the message, but it seems to me that a reply should have been sent to the sender at least with an error message. Without this, I am concerned that my users will lose faith in discourse for sharing files as they might with a mailing list, which is what I am trying to replace with discourse. :slight_smile:

Is there a list going somewhere of “known issues” with the email system? I would like to test it out extensively and make sure it’s working well enough and understand the known issues.

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(Michael Downey) #2

+1. We have seen lots of people try to use an e-mail address other than what’s associated with their Discourse account. The mail gets sent off and processed, but not posted since it’s not a valid user’s address.

The user, meanwhile, never gets notified that the message didn’t go through, so it’s effectively a “black hole”. I’ve seen this happen 10-15 times so far on my installation.

(Tobias Eigen) #3

In the case of my email, I got the “black hole” effect (nice terminology
:smile:) when sending an email that exists in discourse and has permission
to post to the category. The email just languished in the discourse pop
mailbox and no errors went anywhere as far as I can tell.

My suspicion in my case is that it is because I sent an email with three
large attachments… maybe that exhausted the memory and it failed, or
something else went wrong.

Whatever is happening it’s hard to troubleshoot without access to errors.
And it’s hard to consider this functionality ready to be released to the
wild without reply emails to sender stating what went wrong if something
goes wrong.

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(Jackson) #4

I can confirm that this is also an issue with responses that don’t fit between the minimum and maximum post length.

Users that are watching the topic will get notifications but there will be no new post in the topic and the e-mail message is removed from the POP3 mailbox. The only sign that something happened is the notification to other users watching the topic.

(Kane York) #5

As I was saying in this topic, I’m working on making this return emails to the sender now

(Tobias Eigen) #6

Yay! Thanks so much for solving this, @riking! So important. :sunny:

This topic should probably be closed, @codinghorror, since it is duplicates this later thread:

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