Email (meta summary)

I received an email from discourse called Discourse meta summary and it shows new users and viewership for discourse as a whole. Is there a way I can set it so that people on my discourse forum do not receive this email?

I’m not sure what email you might be referring to - can you share a screenshot?

If you mean the digest of content, you can configure the default for your own forum. Members of your own forum who are not members of meta will not get anything directly from Discourse

Here is a screenshot of the email I received.


This is what we call the “digest email” (in the site settings). It is sent to members of specific forums when they have not visited for a certain period so they can be kept up to date on what has happened.

You can default this to ‘never’ on your site so it is not sent by default, but individual users can edit this to be daily, weekly, etc.

The settings for this are in the Email Settings of the admin dahsboard

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Interesting. I always call this the “weekly email summary” instead of digest, because it is not actually complete and cannot be relied upon to keep up with all discussions on the forum. It shows only highlights from activity on the forum.

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indeed - when speaking to the users we use “activity summary” or similar (it isn’t always weekly), hence:

but the settings are all labelled “digest” so I used this so that the relevant variables would be easier to find :slight_smile:


Be careful using the word digest as this wording was strongly (and probably correctly) contested in the past.


We should rename the site settings (and all the translations that still use it).