Email notification for edited posts in "mailing list mode"

(Matt Toschlog) #1

I don’t think email notifications work correctly when posts are modified. (I’m set up to receive notification of all posts.) I’ve seen these two things happen:

  • I made a post, and got the notification. Then I modified the post and get a second notification with the original (pre-modification) text.

  • Someone made a post and I got the notification. Someone else posted a reply and I got the notification. The first user then modified his original post and I received a notification that included the text of the reply – not the text of the first post (the one that was modified).

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(Jeff Atwood) #2

There is no special notification whatsoever when posts are edited, in fact there is no notification of edits at all right now.

However this is interesting

I made a post, and got the notification. Then I modified the post and get a second notification with the original (pre-modification) text.

Are you talking about being notified about your own posts?

Do you have “mailing list mode” on by any chance? (edit: oh duh you said that in your first line)

OK, then that might be a bug in that code path. @sam can you take a look Australia Monday and see if there’s any way editing your own post would cause you to get emailed about your post twice?


(Matt Toschlog) #3

As a test, I did the following:

  1. Created a post in a new thread
  2. Modified the post
  3. Replied to the post
  4. Modified the original post a second time

Here are the notifications I received (in this order):

  1. Notification containing the reply
  2. Notification containing the text of the original post after the second modification.

What I am trying to do is read posts in my email program. I have all the notifications go a folder with message threads, so I’m able to see and read all the posts there. But that’s not going to work if I don’t get notifications for changes, and if I don’t get notifications in order.

On Monday I’m going to repeat the test, this time waiting for each notification before doing the next step. Hopefully that will let me verify that notifications are sent when a post is modified.

Thanks for your help.


(Sam Saffron) #4

Notifications for edits is out of scope, however, ninja editing can result in slightly inconsistent behavior, we queue emails to send 5 minutes after your made the post. If you happen to edit it in those 5 minutes you will get the edited version, if you edit it later you will not be notified of it.


(Jeff Atwood) #5

That’s not what he is saying is happening:

I made a post, and got the notification. Then I modified the post and get a second notification with the original (pre-modification) text.


  1. Make a post, get notified
  2. Modify the post, get notified again

Number 2 should not be happening. @mtoschlog this would be the first report we have ever had that it is, though.


(Matt Toschlog) #6

Well, maybe I’m mistaken. I can absolutely confirm that we’re getting multiple notifications (with send times 8-12 minutes apart) for the same post. I thought that this was happening because the post was modified, but perhaps that wasn’t the cause.

Why might we be getting multiple notifications? Configuration issue? Bug?

Is there any chance that you might add an option for notifications when a post is modified?


(Jeff Atwood) #7

Are you on the latest version of Discourse?


(Matt Toschlog) #8

I think so – we’re on


(Matt Toschlog) #9


So I guess we’re not receiving notifications when a post is modified, but we’re definitely receiving multiple notifications for the same post. Is this a known bug?

Also, would you consider adding notifications for modified posts?

Thanks. We’re really liking Discourse so far.

  • Matt

(jon r) #10

May I ask why? In my current use case I would like to keep mentionned users notified with updates on a topic.

We’re increasingly using Discourse in wiki mode with @thoka and at least registering oneself to changes would assist a lot.

… is what I do all the time.


(Sam Saffron) #11

it will become a flood of emails ungated. probably some smart scheme for wikis may make sense but its really hard to come up with.


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