Email notifications for posts in pending moderation queue

Hi. My impression was that at some point a feature was added so that moderators could receive email notifications when pending posts were waiting for approval (less clear to me whether there is a mechanism to approve or reject those posts by email). I’ve dug around in the configurations and haven’t found anything explicitly relating to this. Neither of my relevant accounts (one that is strictly a moderator, the other an admin account that is also in the moderator group) receives email notifications of pending posts, so if I don’t keep checking back to the forum I don’t see that there are posts waiting. Did I miss something? Thanks.

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We definitely have one for long pending flags, @eviltrout is working on refactoring all the queues so we will be able to have a single centralised alerting system once this is done.

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Understood. Thanks very much.

Absent email notifications for now, could I use an API call to get a count of posts pending for moderation? I looked through the API doc and didn’t see anything that obviously matched. Thanks!

I would hold off on @eviltrout cleaning up the new review section, he can ensure there are easier methods of getting these numbers short of large payload api calls.

Pretty sure you will get it hiding inside latest.json but that is a rather big payload.