Email or notify users after adding them to a group

(Andrew Pautler) #1

I’ve tried to search around the settings to see if there is an option I am missing, but is it possible to email or notify a user after they are adding to a custom group? We will be using groups to manually grant specific users to certain areas of the forum based on products they have purchased in another site. We’d like to notify the user (ideally via email) when we add them, so they know they have additional access. Is that possible?

(Kane York) #2

The obvious answer is that if you’re adding to the group manually, you could manually send a PM with canned text.

(Andy Logan) #3

I was just asked about this too, it would be nice if the system could trigger a standard welcome PM and/or email. Obviously I can ask our group owners to do that, but it would reduce friction and improve consistency if the message was sent automatically.