"Email polling has generated an error" - But Nothing in the Logs

(Yyhmsg) #1

I’ve had no problems with email replies via pop3 gmail setup up to lately. Then today I saw the following error in the dashboard:

Some problems have been found with your installation of Discourse:
Email polling has generated an error in the past 24 hours. Look at the logs for more details.

But I can’t find anything in the logs that seems relevant? Any tips to debug would be helpful.

I did login manually to my replies account and then unfortunately discourse sent replies for every single reply that had ever been sent - even the ones that were sent previously including all private messages. This is where I think there might be a bug in the email reply function in 1.6.0 beta 1, but I don’t know exactly how to go about debugging this…

(Dean Taylor) #2

This is probably just surfacing errors that were already happening.

A recent addition shows these:

You should review your /logs page for your site - if you haven’t already.

Consider waiting 24/48 hours now you have logged into the account to see if the message disappears.

(Yyhmsg) #3

The part about it resending every single email it ever sent was the most concerning to me… Is that just because I have the pop set up to leave a copy on the server? Either way, it seems to me that something like that should never happen. It could kill a large discourse instance.