Email preferences confusion

I like the new user preferences tabs, but I am confused about email preferences in 1.8.0.

I don’t understand which checkbox turns email notifications on and off.
How can I get a daily digest of topics I am watching?
The activity summary emails are nice, but they do not seem to be specific to my watched topics.


If you are watching a topic or category you will get ean email when someone posts, without waiting for the daily digest.

Thanks Jay. Yes, I can make that happen by choosing some combination of check boxes under “Email”, but have not been able to determine by trail-and-error exactly what turns that on or off.

Many of my users want to receive daily digests of topics they are watching, not individual emails. Do you know if there is a way to do that?

There had been some discussion of a “daily updates” option for Mailing List Mode here, but apparently the feature was removed out of concern for excessively large digest emails. I get that would be a concern for high-volume forums.

I run a small group and I’m not concerned large digests. Can we bring this back some how, please?

Maybe some version of “Activity Summary”, but for “My Topics” instead of “Popular Topics”?

I’m one of the people lamenting the decision to remove the daily digest feature. However, this feature provided a digest of all topics, not just the ones that a user is watching. To the best of my knowledge the feature you are requesting has never been implemented, so it’s a new feature request.


Thanks Alex. I’ll submit a new feature request for what I need.

Does anyone know if there is a guide that explains the Email preferences check boxes?

If nothing is checked, no emails go out. If just “Send me email notifications even when I am active” is check, nothing goes out. If the bottom two boxes are check, emails are sent. I thinking the descriptions need some editing?

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Hi! I’m reopening this topic because I couldn’t find the current status of this idea. Is it now possible to have a daily digest of posts in a topic as opposed to Tracking it (so not notified by email of every post unless direct reply to post or mentioned in a post) or Watching it (where you’ll get notifications for every post).