Email replies include quoted of the previous contents

(Elive Linux) #1

When I reply via email, the reply inserted in the forum contains the previous contents quoted, like:

2018-07-17 23:50 GMT+02:00 Samuel F. Baggen <>:
July 17

asldkfj aklsdjf lkasdjf lkajsdlkfj askldjfl

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I’m using the last public version, option “always show trimmed content” is disabled

by other side (reading from other closed topics):

What about remove “repeated lines” from previous reply’s of the same user? (maybe with a min of 2 lines)

(Matt Palmer) #2

It’s a very difficult problem to solve in general. If you’d like to propose a PR, with test cases for a number of commonly used replying styles, that would help to demonstrate the feasibility of your approach.