Email response doesn't appear on forum, no error in log


(Alison Kozol) #1

I have meticulously followed the instructions to set up reply-by-email. However, I think I must have misunderstood the instructions. Currently, notification emails DO contain “To respond, reply to this email or visit How to make CellProfiler modules run more conditional? - CellProfiler Help - CellProfiler in your browser.”

However, while the replys-by-email are sent to the designated email address, they do not appear on the forum.

Reply by email address:
pop3 polling enabled: true
pop3 polling ssl: true
pop3 polling host:
pop3 polling port: 995
pop3 polling username:

I have also enabled error logging. There are no relevant errors on the log.

On the specific category pages, I created a different email account for each page. I made all of the accounts forward to the main account,

As for settings in the new email account:

So what am I missing here?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Is there anything in /logs in your browser?

(Alison Kozol) #3

Here is an error that may be relevant:

Any ideas? I am browsing throughout the forum, but can’t seem to find a similar entry.

(Wes Osborn) #4

You’re showing parathesis here, they should be curly braces{reply_key}

If that isn’t the problem, can you use a POP3 client to verify that your Gmail authentication information is correct?

See here: Best Free Email Software | Gizmo's Freeware for a list of potential clients you could test with.

(Alison Kozol) #5

Hi Wes -

It looks like I did not copy the username correctly with the curly brackets on my original post. Good eye. Unfortunately, there are curly brackets in my actual input, so that is the not the problem. I will try this verification and post my result.s


(Alison Kozol) #6

Ok, my POP3 verification failed with this error:

Resolving hostname…
S:+OK Gpop ready for requests from t124mb104227221ywa
S:+OK Capability list follows
S:+OK send PASS
S:-ERR malformed command t124mb104227221ywa
ERROR: Login failed -ERR malformed command t124mb104227221ywa
POP3 test failed.

(James Milligan) #7

@Alison_Kozol - do you have 2 factor authentication turned on for this account? If you visit the page mentioned in the earlier logs, it provides a few links to create a password specifically for Discourse.

(Tarak'ha) #8

I found out I had to do the same to use Thunderbird.

To use POP3 and 2 factor auth with gmail, an app-specific password must be created.

(Alison Kozol) #9

@lake54 and @purldator Thanks!

Yes, the two factor authentication was the missing step.

I wish I could add a tip about two factor authentication to the instructions!

(François Eric King) #10

revive this thread. Please
I create a new GMail account.
I turn it on via Settings, Forwarding and POP/IMAP. 2-Step Verification is off.
Settings in discourse:

reply_by_email_address replies.sensorica+%{reply_key}
pop3_polling_password pa$$word
pop3_polling_host set to
pop3_polling_port set to 995
pop3_polling_enabled set to true
reply_by_email_enabled set to true
manual_polling_enabled set to false
pop3_polling_ssl set to false
log_mail_processing_failures set to true
email_in set to true

i see in the footer of all notification mails now tell me that i can reply either by visiting the website, or replying via email:
To respond, reply to this email or visit {topic URL} in your browser.

But after respond by reply in gmail, nothing is posted.

I get a Mail Delivery Subsystem

i check the /logs path on my Discourse in my web browser and i look for email related error messages but nothing.

I log into my mail account using my web browser and check for any errors or notifications but nothing there too exept Mail Delivery Subsystem .

Gmail and server are at same country.
Maybe its about gmail aliasing too

Any clue?