Email Server Setup?


(Noor Qureshi) #1

I just installed discourse from cloud application for my website on subdomain, but im having SMTP issue… whenever guest try to register it didn’t send him a account activation message. I need help how to setup a SMTP server.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

It appears that Go Daddy uses Bitnami, which is not supported by Discourse. The only type of install that is supported is Docker via discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub.

(Noor Qureshi) #3

bro what should i do manually install though docker?

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #4

It’s been discussed here: Emails with local SMTP

but there should not be any expectation of formal support for self-hosting of email.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #5

For a start, you need to select a cloud provider that supports Docker - and then install via Docker. Digital Ocean supports a one click installer, there might be others.

(James Mc Mahon) #6

I’m a big fan of Bitnami, but for Discourse I say pass, at least until they ship an image for Discourse that’s based on Docker.

I tried the Bitnami image a couple of weeks ago. As outlined above, it’s not based on docker, so you don’t have support from Discourse to begin with. Updating and troubleshooting it is a pain. So for now, I say pass.

So, you need something that supports Docker. Maybe godaddy have a VPS offering that’s reasonable, or have a cloud image that has docker installed. Otherwise you can use digital ocean which goes further and has a fully configured Discourse droplet, or choose another VPS provider that you have SSH access on to install docker and discourse.

If you can select an ubuntu image for your GoDaddy account and have root access you can install docker + discourse using the guide above.

For email, best to have a dedicated service handle that for you to ensure best chances of deliverablility: discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

n.b. check with godaddy (or whatever host you choose) what ports (if any) you can use for email.

(Noor Qureshi) #7

Is there anyway i can get discourse working with godaddy? what if i installed docker now?

(James Mc Mahon) #8

If you can get docker on there, then you are good to at least install discourse. Make sure the VPS meets the > requirements.

Other than that, you just have to figure out your email and you are good to go.