Email stats/numbers

Is there a way to see any stats for the auto emails that go to users from Discourse? Like opens, clicks, unsubscribes? I can’t see anything on the dashboard.

Thanks in advance!

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You can get that from your email provider. Mailgun is a good free option. We use mandrill/mailchimp which provides great stats.


Thanks for getting back to me, Tobias.

I mean the emails that come directly from Discourse. Do you use Mailchimp to send those sorts of emails for your community?

Yes. Discourse requires a mail sending server… mailchimp’s mandrill is one excellent (but not free) option.



Looks like ours is set up with Outlook, is that correct? Is it possible/ easy to switch servers?

Yes. Whoever installed Discourse can re-run ./discourse-setup and change the SMTP configuration (or edit the file with an editor like vim or nano).