Email subject is shown as number, not topic title

I seem to have post reply emails sent by the forum (v2.2.0.beta7 +85) that contain forum topic number, rather than the actual post title, in the email subject.

E.g. (email subject)
[Forum name] [Category] Topic #1193

Where ‘Topic #1193’ should (I assume) be the actual title of the post.
Inbox x

My ‘email subject’ value is:

[%{site_name}] %{optional_pm}%{optional_cat}%{topic_title}

Any suggestions on how to change the subject from ‘topic number’ to an actual topic title would be really appreciated.



Same problem… did you find cure?

Nope, no solution yet.

First, can you upgrade to the very latest version of Discourse?

Second, do you have any non-official plugins installed? If you do, have you tried disabling them?

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Using latest version and no plugins, @zogstrip .

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Weird, any chances you could invite me ( as admin so that I can have a look?


Hi @zogstrip - no, I am sorry, not as an admin.

Did this ever get a resolution?

No, unfortunately it hasn’t.

@Jothan_Frakes1 are you admin on your Discourse? If you are, can you invite me ( as admin and I’ll have a look.

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