Email templates - don't understand!

(Sian White) #1

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Discourse and trying to get my head around the email templates.

The issue we’re facing is that when user B replies to a user A’s thread, user A then receives an email, which details user B’s full reply. Rather than user A logging back into the community to respond to user B, they are clicking reply to the email and responding in there, and therefore missing out on posting in the community. Nice long conversations get lost that way.

I am trying to find the template I need to edit, in order to remove the full reply in the email, and maybe just include a teaser so that user A has to log back in in order to read the full response. I thought it would be the ‘User Replied’ template but that doesn’t look to be the same as the emails I am seeing between users.

Can anyone help? I’m confused!

(Jeff Atwood) #2

I suggest setting up reply via email before this, though.

(Sian White) #3

Ooo interesting, thank you Jeff!

I just started to set it up, but I don’t think I understand the instructions…

  • Template for reply by email incoming email address, for example: %{reply_key} or replies+%{reply_key}

What does reply key mean? We have a dedicated email address for our community - do I have to tweak that?

Thanks for your help

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Follow the #howto on the topic to set it up.