Email templates not resetting to default?


I changed a few email templates however reverted all changes made however they have not gone back to original format.

I have included a screenshot of what they look like now even after reverting all changes.

Anyone any ideas how to fix? It seems all formatting has just gone.


What emails looked like before changes


What they look like now even after reverting everything


I have also double checked all email files through text editor as well and all are restored to default

If you are concerned about the “Visit topic to respond” and “To unsubscribe from these emails, click here text,” it looks like those are under Text Customizations, not Email Templates. I could be wrong, but it wouldn’t hurt to try the following:

  • Make sure user_notifications.visit_link_to_respond looks like:

    [Visit Topic](%{base_url}%{url}) to respond.
  • Make sure both unsubscribe_link and unsubscribe_link_and_mail look like this:

    To unsubscribe from these emails, [click here](%{unsubscribe_url}).

If that’s what you already did, hopefully someone else will have an idea!

Have checked “text content” and the are all set to as you have said.

Its like the is no formatting in the email as there is no previous reply even tho settings has this on and there is also no visit topic button etc

@robmc @codinghorror do you guys have any idea on the issue?