Email with MIAB setup


I am trying to install Discourse with MIAB email.

I can’t get it to send out email :confused:

I have thus far created the instance docker installed, entered into app, created admin, switched authentication from plain to SSL… still not working

Email in admin panel shows:

My initial question is what options can I set for “authentication”. I may need to try fiddling with something else.


I got it with:

DISCOURSE_SMTP_ENABLE_START_TLS: true           # (optional, default true)



I am at a loss on this one. New issue.

I found correct way to configure app.yml, but ended up

./launcher enter app
rake admin:create

to find further issue with

Mismatching sites so email is skipped. Okay, so change the email notification setting to match, no problem.

Now, when I setup second site, there is only a single email to config in app.yml as is, and if I try to

rake admin:create 

this seems to reference the first site only.

I also tried uncomment towards end of app.yml to set first email differently. Does not take for second site.

I can’t find a way to activate the second site as email is being skipped. How to remedy this?


Issue seems to be surrounding MIAB best-practice security measures.

Reverted DNS management of domain back to registar & tapped an old mandrillapp acct grandfathered before policy change --must verify domain–

Will eventually look into which specific record&values were causing issue when have more time.