Emails are being sent as localhost.localdomain


So this is the first time I’m trying to install discourse. When I try to complete installations by verifying my email address I notice that emails from discourse are being sent as localhost.localdomain.

Since I’ve configured postfix not to allow unknown host, discourse emails dont parse through.

Is there a way I can tell discourse to use another ‘send from address’?

Thanks for your time.

This sounds like your HOSTNAME setting was set to localhost, or isn’t an FQDN in app.yml. How exactly did you configure those settings?

Is that a local postfix mta on the same host where Discourse is running in the container, or a remote one as mail relay?

Edit: Google pointed me here again:



I’ve rechecked the app.yml file and the HOSTNAME is properly configured with a FQDN.
Yes, the server hosting Discourse is also my email server running Postfix as MTA.

I finally have my Discourse instance working by abandoning the idea of using my own mail server and switched over to mailgun instead.

Thanks for the support.


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